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Great Event Ideas for Fundraisers

If you are an individual, business, or any other kind of entity in between, events are a great means to engage your loyal supporters and raise funds, no matter what size you are. But how hard is it to raise enough money to fund your next project?The good news is that there are easy and [...]

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Event Tips For Business Managers

You have just heard about the latest event tips and you are wondering what they mean. Well, event tips can be as simple as a company or product launching or as complicated as a corporate conference. The point is that event tips should not be the focus of your attention; instead, they should guide you [...]

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Event Registration Marketing

Event Registration Marketing is a very broad category. Go to Event Registration Marketing to see all the different forms that are available in your case. Once you have the forms you will need, fill them out and submit the form.Go to Event Marketing > Online marketing: You may have seen many websites advertising this form [...]

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Event Marketing Strategies

Event Marketing is the experiential advertising of a product, service, or brand through promotional events or special experiences. It usually involves direct interaction between a company's corporate representatives and consumers. It shouldn't be confused with corporate communications, which is a more formal method of planning, organizing and running events. This article focuses on the difference [...]

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Public Speaking Tips – How to Avoid Pitfalls and Succeed in Public Speaking

The most basic public speaking tip is to communicate information to an audience in an understandable and compelling manner. The audience does not have to be big, everything from delivering a sales pitch to giving an address at a university to giving a Ted talk to a crowded room of fifty counts as 'public speaking'.However, [...]

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Event Registration Plugin

WordPress Event Registration Plugin for your blog helps to increase your online events by adding WordPress event forms to your site. An affordable and advanced free WordPress event management plugin that enables users to build simple event registrations for any kind of online event. You can use the shortlink on your registration form to post [...]

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Event Promotion Ideas – Finding the Right Promotional Item

The key to a successful event promotion campaign lies in your understanding of the needs of the guests and the best way to meet those needs. The best answer to your question is, by effectively marketing your event in an intelligent way that generates interest and creates intrigue among casual onlookers. Event promotion is highly [...]

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The Importance of Event Marketing Tips

Event Marketing has been around for many years but its growth as a leading marketing tool is recent. Event Marketing is a technique, event, activity or strategy businesses use to market their company, products, services and brands with direct and interactive engagement with customers, members and partners. Events can be online or offline, and businesses [...]

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How to Promote Your Blog With the WordPress Events Calendar

We will be focusing on the package of WordPress Events plugins by Modern Tribe. This is a large company that has many products available online that are related to their product lines. They have a very effective product line that they continue to expand on.For those of you who are unfamiliar with this product line, [...]

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How Event Registration Software Can Help Your Company

What's Event Registration Software and how does it work? Event Registration software is used by many private and public sector institutions to manage their events. Event registration software assists event planners, book registrants, and organize events.Organizing a big event can often be quite complex. If you're running a wedding, event, or other major event you [...]

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