WordPress Events is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) based template engine for WordPress. WordPress is a very popular blogging platform, which allows many bloggers to have a free and open environment where they can share their knowledge and develop their websites in whatever way they see fit. WordPress is not only a blogging platform but it also has the capability of being used as an event planning platform as well. All the power and flexibility of WordPress can be brought to your events through the use of this powerful plugin. You can literally organize your events from anywhere in the world using this premium plugin.

The plugin allows you to create and run recurring meetings, parties, and festivals. With the power of this plugin, you can easily change the details and format of your event and even schedule a repeat date. The plugin allows you to add a new slide with one click, which automatically adds a new participant. You can change the layout, colors, font, and logo through a few simple steps. It comes bundled with default layouts that are easy to use and modify, so you do not need to customize the layouts on your own.

For event organizers and web store owners, the built in discount codes add another dimension to online sales. When users enter their event details, the discount codes are verified, and an automatic email is sent out to the user with the discount details. If the discount codes cannot be processed automatically, a message is sent back to the user and an attempt will be made to solve the problem.

With the WordPress Event plugin, you have the power to manage your events from within your WordPress admin area. The plugin integrates with the popular Cogsit calendar and dashboard service to display your events on a sidebar. This calendar can be customized by adding your own themes and colors. The Cogsit backend support also supports the popular open source code canyon.

With the WordPress Events plugin, you can display custom events details and notification areas in sidebar columns for quick access. You can also manage and display upcoming events from your Twitter stream. You can set custom fields for attendees and create polls for users to submit their opinions. The plugin allows you to create polls on any number of forms and the resulting information is displayed inline or within a collapsible, flexible widget. Text fields can be copied and pasted into the text box of a notification and events can be listed by category, date, or even automatically generated from an RSS feed. The plugin automatically generates discount codes relevant to your event.

The Coupon code Generator is one of the most popular add-ons on the web for Cogsit and WordPress CMS. It allows you to generate discount codes relevant to your business or events quickly and conveniently. The Coupon code generator works with both WordPress and Cogit, and it is included as a free version with every copy of Cogit. A unique database is maintained for each user, giving them access to custom discount codes. The plug-in is easy to install and intuitively simple to use; just plug in the coupon code into your post data, select a discount offer that you wish to promote and then copy and paste into the calendar fields.

The All-in-One Event Calendar plugin offers a flexible solution for event planning and management. It features powerful features integrated designs for easy organization and customization. It’s an ideal solution for any business that requires event calendars with payment options and includes a wide range of design templates to fit most themes. It works on all versions of WordPress, including the regular, plus premium and super premium versions, and is free to download.

A powerful and flexible WordPress plugin designed for managing client calendars, events calendars and email follow-ups. It provides everything needed for managing a client calendar, event calendars and contact follow-ups. With this amazing feature, clients can have access to their calendars even while they are away from the office. It also allows the user to set recurring events, which can be exported and shared to other people. This outstanding WordPress plugin offers great value for your money, since it manages your money as well as your business.