There are many tips that we can follow to have thrilling and awesome events. However, some events usually end up failing and we are left stranded thinking what could be the problem. If you have any experience of organizing any event, you probably have a history of having made a certain mistake which contributed negatively to the results of your event. Therefore, you know how it feels especially when the event does not turn up t way you wanted. For anyone who wishes to do an event should not worry because you have your best friend here who will enlighten you with some of the mistakes, you should avoid ensuring you don’t get disappointment at the end of the event. Poor planning can lead to so many problems such as inadequate resources making the event to be very horrible. Check out on these in order to get what I am exactly saying.

Mistakes people make when planning events

Failure to allocate enough resources

It is obvious that for any event to go through in the right manner, it should be arranged in such a way that the planners plan a good budget and recognize what they exactly need. After this, then they will be able to allocate enough and the right resources for the event. However, it has been shown that this is one of the stages where most planners make the most mistakes. Let us find out how this occurs. Many people think that planning an event is just not a very hard task and therefore they think that they can be able to pan the events themselves without hiring skilled personnel. It is very important to ensure that you have the right and skilled people to help you organize your event efficiently. Therefore, to avoid this it is very important to recognize the talent and skills of every person involved in planning an event and this will contribute to the proper management of the event and with proper allocation of the right resources.

Lack of consideration of the event changes

It is very important for any planner to take care of the changes that take place related to the event. This is because this is one of the mistakes that most planners make when organizing an event. This one leads to effects of having a disorganized or confused event because people get a totally different event from what they expected. This is because simply the planners have not taken time to communicate or update some of the changes that come up before the big day. Therefore, the attendees get confused by the flow of events which are different from what they originally knew. Changes can also affect the budgeting of the event and this can lead to a situation whereby the resources are not adequate or are not appropriate for the event.

Not considering Murphy’s Law

There are many problems that can occur at the last minute and lead to failure of your event.  According to this law, regardless of how well you plan, if there was something bad to happen it will still occur. So in such a situation many people get worried and try to find alternatives or emergency solutions which obviously don’t work. The event is therefore left scrambling and this is usually a disaster. Therefore, consideration of this law will always make it possible for the planners to have a backup plan for everything required in the event. This means you will have a backup in case of a bad weather, power loss and many other things. This will lead to the success of your event. Therefore, to avoid this you will just need to ensure that you do a proper assessment of the dangers that might happen.

After performing adequate brainstorming with other experts, you will be able to have adequate information on what might lead to the failure of your event. Therefore, you will be well prepared with backup plans such as extra budget, power plan, and other resources. It is a simple task to perform and this will lead to very good outcomes of your event. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone ensures that he follows up this law in any event and you will never go wrong even in case of an emergency.

Lack of proper managers

In every event, managers and the planners are the drivers of everything surrounding the event. If in any journey the driver is not experienced, most likely he is not aware of the common barriers to find on the way and even some of the decision-making skills he will require. This means that if your managers are not experienced and they do not have the right skills, then your event is likely to fail. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that you look out for certified people to manage your event. They will ensure they employ their skills in the planning of every aspect of the event and ensure that they take care of all the risks.

A mistake in not following the standard process.

It is always good to ensure that the process of organizing a certain event follows a certain process which should be known and agreed upon by everyone. This will help to avoid any mistake or failure at the end of the event.


It is very important that everyone gets to know the above mistakes so that to avoid them during your next event.