Marketing your event through content marketing is easier than you think. Sometimes event organizers struggle with what content to post on their blogs, social media accounts, and other marketing channels.

Here are some ideas you can use to turn one single event into multiple content pieces you can use to get better exposure for your event.


1.  Press Release

No matter how large or small an event is, you can have a press release for it. Having a press release can show that your event has a purpose, a vision, and an overall goal. Press releases are a great initial way to tell the world about your event. There are many free and paid press release services that will submit your event to multiple media outlets that can increase awareness of your event.

2. Introductory Blog Posts

Your introductory blog posts should have the purpose of getting potential attendees a variety of information. Perhaps you can mention the types of topics and speakers you anticipate. It is a good time to include a call for speakers outreach so you can start collecting topic ideas and speaker requests. You can also mention things you need such as event sponsors. Make sure that you use call to actions in your initial blog posts and break up the post into many different sections so it is clear and concise and easier to read.

3. Speaker & Schedule Announcements

A great piece of content is to have an announcement about your event speakers and schedule. Once you have selected your speakers and the event schedule is posted this is a great opportunity to feature any keynote speakers and special topics from your event agenda. This is usually the point where your event registrations should start to pick up because most potential event attendees will wait to see the event schedule before committing to registering for your event.

Here is an example of a speaker announcement that can be shared on social media easily.


4. Quote your event speakers with graphics

One example that can give you a ton of social media content is to quote your event speakers. Take a photo of them presenting at your event and then take a quote from their presentation and create an image with their quote and post it to your social media accounts using your event’s hashtag.

Here’s an example that is highly effective and promotes followers to share and spread the word.

5. Highlight Reel

If you recorded any parts of your event you can take video snippets and create a highlight reel. Highlight reels can be short videos showing off the best parts of your event. These videos can have music, text captions, and visually enhanced images from your event that make the event look exciting and can be a great way to market future events.

Here’s a perfect example of a great event highlight reel.

6. Recap blog posts

These posts are commonly referred to as post event summaries. Writing a recap post of your event is a perfect way to end an event and remind everyone of the highlights. This is where the event story comes to completion. You can re-purpose earlier content and reiterate earlier marketing messages and topics. Showcasing the best parts of your event and including videos and embedding social media buzz into your blog posts are a great way to prove the success of your event.