An easy and cost-efficient WordPress event management plugin that enables users to create powerful event registrations with an extensive range of features. With the WordPress event management plugin you can publish your registration form on blogs, pages, templates and many more places by means of the plugin shortcode.

The Event module has a number of features like creating event details, submitting event forms to WordPress site or the event organizer. You can create custom WordPress events and customize them as per your need. It provides a feature to enable event registrations from mobile devices by means of Google Android plugin. With this module you can customize the theme and appearance of the event display as well as enable the user login.

The event calendar is another feature in the event management module. This module allows you to add multiple events. It has the option of allowing event details to be published on the internet, by publishing it on the blog. There are also different events for different occasions.

The dashboard module offers the option of allowing users to login to the site from mobile and desktop devices. This module has a number of customizable widgets which can be used to display the event’s details on the dashboard.

The plugins also allow users to update their event details and other information through multiple fields on the page. It also allows users to add their own contact information. With the help of this module you can add your own email address, phone number, webmaster name, password and other required information.

The other modules in the event module include a built-in calendar and event listing to make the task of organizing events much easier. It has a number of pre-configured templates that you can use in your event page.

With this module you can customize the appearance and layout of your event details. You can enable or disable the WordPress search plugin to filter out unwanted event listings.

If you are using the WordPress Event management plugin then you will be able to manage a large number of events easily. It is not only capable of handling multiple online and offline events but you can also handle offline events easily with the help of this plugin.

You can also use the event planner module to help you create events and schedule events. This module offers the options of using email capture, guest book, guest comment system and other similar functions to help you organize your event.

Another module that is used in the event manager is the RSVP module. The RSVP module enables you to track, store and share RSVP records for your events. You can invite the guests who have agreed to come and can accept their invites.

The event organizers plugin also provides you with the facility to add event details, upload photos and videos and create a guest list. You can also generate a guest list from the various social networking sites. if there is no online RSVP.

The event organizer also has an integrated form builder and is very easy to use. This module uses PHP to create a form that is used by the RSVP button to collect information about the guests who have indicated an RSVP and automatically send them the confirmation emails.

With the help of this module you can invite a guest, submit event details, add photos and a photo of the event organiser and send them an email to confirm the booking through the RSVP button. The event organizer also provides an option to post event details to Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites and upload videos and photos of the event as well.