There are many great speakers who can really make your event amazing, but this will come with a burden of finding speakers who can really attract the attention of your audience and cover your intended topic. The person you select to be your speaker will depend on how you can trust him or her during your event. Once you build trust to that speaker make sure you do everything to avoid destroying that trust since when it is broken, it is hard to rebuild again.

While choosing potential speakers, you will require some fairness, spending the time to listen to the exercise of your attendee in order to come out with the best speakers. When choosing the best-attracting speakers to use in your event, you will require some steps to follow so that they can guide you on how to source prospective speakers who can really boost your registration.

Steps to follow while choosing to attract potential event speakers

Choose speakers who will deliver special content

While making chooses on who to use as your speaker during your event, look for those speakers who will deliver information that the audience won`t find it somewhere else. Look for great speakers who will not use the same speech that is common to your audience so as to avoid frustrations. Before the day of the event, spend some time rehearsing with them and continue practicing over and over again until they really nailed and polish up their speeches. Ask your speakers what exactly they are going to deliver during your event so as to keep your audience engaged.

Make use of social media

Social media network will connect you with the best speakers of your ideal who have great stories in the network about how good they in are organizing an event. Use network like LinkedIn to survey the best speakers of your dream and find connections that you may really require to avoid having common speakers. You may also request the speakers to do some online introduction to be able to follow them in a persistent way. Chose speakers who have presented several events for they will appear to be the best spokesperson in your event since they have already interacted with many audiences.

Make a list of information you want to be delivered

The best way to know whether someone is a great speaker is to look his or her character of charismatic or the ability to deliver certain information or topic. Though you will stick with this decision, also make a point of noting down the `must information` you want to be delivered and should be flexible to your speakers. In case your speakers do not include the `must information` you want to be delivered during your event it is your high time to go back and draw them off in order to ensure your next event you have prospective speakers who are including all your information.
Also look for speakers who connect with your goals. As you chose your speakers, look for a speaker who has the capability of marrying up your goals with their content they want to deliver. Do not look for speakers who will leave your audience wondering what has happened because of how they’re presenting themselves. The purpose of finding speakers who connect their content with your goals is to make your event to be successful.

Research your speakers

After choosing your bet speaker to go back to the Google, LinkedIn or Twitter to look whether their characteristics and qualities match with your dream. Look for speakers who have mostly discussed your topic on the social media channel and view the viewers and comments that audiences are making and see whether they outdo your previous presentation. Use to look people with a strong presence in social media and make use of inviting them to your events.

Be sure of your speakers

When choosing your speakers always consider them when counting your follow-ups. The best speakers are the one who avails themselves without a doubt and in case of emergency they will offer solutions why they didn’t make and give backup speakers who will present them or step on their behalf.

Assist your speakers in attracting people to your event

Don`t think that these speakers will automatically be the source of drawing thousands of attendees to your event just because you hired them. As you consider the task of looking for speakers who will attract your attendees in your event, consider adding some cost to these speakers for them to spend news using their networks so as to get other influencers. Most of the events are not marketing effectively since most people consider relying on speaker`s fame to attract an audience through the sale of tickets. You should also add your fame by helping your speakers to offer to invite in the network that is above and beyond attracting attendees yourself.


Before considering your dream list of speakers and inviting them to your event, consider whether they have other tours during the time of your event. You should always know that speakers are there to promote your event but not working too hard to spread your event to other people or to networks. Make your process simple by providing your speakers with the right tool so as to promote your event and boost you to fill the seats.