I have spoken in public perhaps over hundred times and even still before every presentation my hands shake and I get a funny feeling inside my stomach. If I will need to press into service a hand-held microphone our clients will certainly indeed manage to stare the shake.

This is certainly definitely nerves or me fearing. This is adrenaline pumping through my system. Doing this is really completely common so I just accept it and go on with the speech.

Your first time presenting at an event

It really is completely reasonable and normal though for you to become anxious. Most of us are when people do things for the very first time.

What you should never do

Everyone you talk to will give you a bit of suggestions for your 1st presentation. Often times though most of it will be complete rubbish and certainly not help it may actually harm you.


1. Visualize all of them in their underwear or naked

Whoever the particular person was that recommended that you can get rid of your nerves by simply thinking of the audience nude obviously has never spoken at a technology event.

Seriously?  Can you imagine a room consisting of less attractive people? If you are even successful in imagining that the room contains nude individuals, that will be more of a distraction compared to any sort of nervousness you could ever encounter. And if they are all naked then why are you the only one fully dressed?

2. Alcohol doesn’t help

A quick alcoholic beverage in the lounge just before you present does not give people courage. Just what it really will likely do however is really cause you need to urinate during your presentation. Nobody desires to be standing up in front of an audience presenting the results of all their hard work in a business presentation when you are all can think about is exactly where is the closest restroom.

3. Wear a funny outfit

I have been to conferences where people present on a particular topic and they get to a certain point where they want to get their point across by wearing a funny costume or article of clothing. I have seen presenters actually undress to reveal an outfit under their clothing. This is not only strange but it is a huge distraction and not a very professional way to make a point.

4. Don’t worry about practicing

You might know your material very well. However that does not mean you should not practice your presentation. This not only will help you tweak things, but also find out what works and doesn’t work. It also helps you know if your presentation is long enough or too long for the allowed time frame you are given. Practicing will improve your presentation skills and give you the needed confidence to become a great public speaker.


Things that you really should do

There really is actually only one public speaker suggestion that is guaranteed to help specifically whenever anyone are presenting at an event or conference.

Do not Panic!

Therefore, let the audience always keep their clothes on, and relax but do your absolute best. That is really all anyone could actually ask for you. In the event that you make a mistake and press the presentation remote twice do not panic, breathe, and proceed.

Nobody wants you to fail

No one individual, sat there in front of you, anticipating you to speak really wants you to fail. These people want you to do well! They want you to be informative, to speak confidently and most importantly they would like to learn from you.

Why else would they attend? Seriously no one has turned up in order to watch anyone fall short – even more so at a multi-track event where they can be listening to another person.