To save you time and make it easy for you, we have compiled information on today’s best event registration software. We’ve categorized the different software solutions based on price, effectiveness, customisability, ease of use, flexibility and more. These are in no particular order: Event Manager Pro, Eventful, Fasttrack Registrations, iMoviereg, My Events, OASAS 2.0, Placemark, Registration Centric, Smartevent, Tickets Network, VeriSign Event Manager and WebEx to name a few. The good thing about these is that they come from established software companies like ASP Event Studio, Box Inc., Adesto, Backstage Creations, Blu Software, Cisco Systems, Ctrack, Data Team, E-commerce Business Solutions, eZee Event Planning, Flashybook, Gantt, Ketera, Landmark Event Planning, Market Detective, Mozart, Postcard Collection, Registration Direct, RealtorAds, Smartevent, TargetPoint and WebFX. The reason we put them in alphabetical order is because some of them are available with various price tags, but all are very effective.

Event Manager Pro is perhaps the best event registration software out there today. With all the functions you need to run an event in one convenient application, what could be better? This software is ideal for handling multiple event tickets with its integrated sales, discount codes, registration form, event summary and email notification capabilities. Some of the other add-ons include advanced notification regarding event changes, including RSVPs, confirmation emails, event reminders, passholder information, phone notification, event additions and cancellations, web form submittal, tracking of registrations, event expenses, event taxes, venue information, special event discounts, special event invitations, and more. Event Manager Pro is an ideal choice for handling all your ticketing needs.

Ticket Management Plus is another popular choice event registration tool that allows you to easily create and manage your event attendees. With this application you can create discount codes so your guests can purchase a discounted ticket for themselves. Plus, you can track attendee data and find the person who purchased the ticket using a simple search feature. This great ticketing tool also offers various tools for event promotion, such as bulk order reminder, customer survey forms, email promotion, survey capture forms and more. You can even add your own features to this outstanding ticketing tool.

Trade Time is a great conference registration tool that will enable you to organize a great conference without spending tons of time setting up. You can even register attendees online if you’re holding a conference in the near future. This outstanding product also lets you create sales brochures, confirmations, seating plan, and event confirmations all from the same application. Trade Time is perfect if you’re organizing multiple seminars or workshops, or if you’re having a special event. It’s definitely one of the best event registration software options available today.

Microsoft Office Online is one of the best online event registration tools you can download. If you run and manage events, you already know how time consuming it can be to keep track of email addresses, attendee information, registrations, etc. Microsoft Office Online eliminates these headaches, allowing you to register attendees simply by providing their email addresses. No more complicated forms to fill out, no more printing expensive materials, no more worry about forgetting to add something important. Microsoft Office Online is simply the best event registration software you can download.

Reservation Management System is a fantastic online solution that keeps track of your customers’ information and transactions, allowing you to easily keep track of all your orders, events, refunds, etc. Built-in ticket sales tracking and inventory management make it easier than ever before to run a successful event business. With reservation software, you can quickly identify and purchase your available seats for an upcoming event. You can also set up automatic payments or discounts for your customers, ensuring that they receive the best available seats and are treated like VIP guests.

Advanced event software offers you the ability to automate your event registration process, eliminating the need for a human agent or entry desk employee. The software handles all the paper tickets, event confirmations, payment processing, and adding and editing guest lists. Instead of having to manually input data on each attendee, the program handles it all for you, leaving you free to attend to other important functions. As a result, you’ll have more time to plan your events, concentrate on your clientele, and get your job done well.

Adding meal choices to your online registration forms is now simple and quick. With Custom Questions, you can create an online survey that allows guests to share their favorite foods, tastes, preferences, and other comments. Once you’ve collected the most popular responses, you can tailor your order to the customer’s specific preferences. Your guests will love custom questions, since they’ll be able to choose their seats without the stress of wondering which meal choice will make them feel the most comfortable at your event.