Celebrities and influencers can generate buzz at your events, or lookalikes can pose with attendees at the event entrance. These are great ideas to create social media buzz and increase brand exposure. If you’re hosting a large event, consider hiring a big entertainment act, but make sure to have different tiers of entertainment to keep the crowd entertained. For example, you might want to have a celebrity Q&A session, or invite famous people to the event to pose for photos.

One way to make food into entertainment is by turning it into a themed party. For example, if the guests wear black tie, you can hold a costume party or award ceremonies. For entertainment, a fun-filled pancake breakfast is a low-cost option that does not require elaborate catering. You can even pair this type of event with a walking tour of a nearby town. Theme the event around local food, breweries, or historical significance.

One of the most popular and creative ways to increase your guests’ enjoyment is to provide games. A large Super Mario controller can encourage people to play with one another. Music is also a popular choice among event attendees, as it speaks to our emotional side. To create a fun atmosphere, you can invite duelling piano players or other musicians. The participants will love being part of the show! While converting a large corporate space may be challenging, there are many ways to add entertainment without breaking the bank.

Themed events can be a great way to get guests involved in company culture. Some companies have a theme, such as a rock concert. There are also many fun and unique party ideas that can be tailored to fit any event style. You can plan a corporate event in your office or choose one at an unusual location. You can even plan a retro-themed event at a venue that is not typical for your business. And while many of these events might require elaborate decor, they won’t cost a fortune.

One of the most overlooked event ideas is the use of remarketing. With a well-targeted campaign, you can increase the number of attendees by using remarketing methods. To remarket to potential attendees, install special pixels on your website. These pixels will track visitors on Facebook and Google network and offer them a small discount. These leads are considered hot leads and should be followed up on. However, these tactics aren’t limited to Facebook and Google networks.

Another popular event idea is the use of branded swag. This is especially effective when attendees are prompted to register for an event by receiving branded swag. Some event swag ideas include mouse pads, hats, hand sanitizer, branded masks, and more. You can also sponsor smaller events that will draw the same audience. If you have a brand and want to create a good impact, sponsors can be a great option for promoting your event.

Another fun way to get people together is through board game competitions. Bring all of your favorite board games and allow employees to compete against each other. These activities stimulate the brain, encourage light competition, and make employees bond. You can hold this activity in the office, or invite a local venue to host the event for a low cost. Alternatively, you can invite everyone to attend. If you’re unsure of whether or not to hold a board game tournament, it is worth checking into a board game venue.

Competitions and giveaways are a great way to get your employees excited about your brand. Consider hosting a logo design contest, where employees can design a company logo and vote on it. The winning design will be given to all employees, and the prize could be a commemorative gift. Another good idea is to give away promotional gifts to customers, suppliers, and business partners. Themes and giveaways can also be fun ways to encourage staff participation in company events.

The virtual office is a great way to meet co-workers, as well as their families. You can even host a virtual office gathering where family and co-workers can participate in holiday traditions. Some even turn these virtual office gatherings into a Newlywed Game. Ask employees to share stories about their significant other or children, or let them answer the same questions. Make it a point to have fun and build relationships with your virtual office neighbors.