A free and advanced WordPress event registration plugin allows users to develop custom event registration forms using standard HTML elements. You can also publish your registration form to blogs, pages, sub-menus and widgets by using the submit button.

This event form creator plugin can be used on any event type or theme. You need not have knowledge about PHP programming, as the plugin is very easy to use. It can be incorporated on all versions of WordPress, from the very basic version to the most sophisticated one.

The plugin allows you to customize and manage event registrations from its own interface. By simply uploading your registration form, you will get instant results. You can use any HTML editor to insert a form. Then the admin panel will display a list of all registered events, their date and time. You can choose to subscribe to these events by setting the subscription date.

Once you have created your event, you can add your subscribers to the list. If you need to publish an event, you can do it as well. You will find that all the information in your event listings page will have been submitted in the form. If you want to publish an event, just select the publish button on the event listing page.

To publish an event, all you have to do is click the Submit button. Then choose which event to publish by clicking the event’s name. If you have multiple events, you will see the submission button in all of them.

If you want to subscribe to an event, just click the event’s name again and then enter your details. If there is any error in your details, just click on the red “?” link in order to send an email to the event organizer.

You can also choose to publish your blog post to the event, or even both. After publishing your blog post, you will get the form that will automatically submit your form to the specified list. If you publish it, the blog post will automatically be published. at the bottom of the post you will find a button that will enable you to add a message to your guestbook.

You can set your event to be displayed in the sidebar, on the footer or above the sidebars. And if you want to submit more than one form for a single event, just click the “Submit” button.

If you are not satisfied with the registration form that has been given to you by WordPress Event Registration, you can just edit it from scratch. Just click on the edit form, and you will be presented with a list of fields and their names.

In the edit form, you have the option to replace the event name with a different name or even remove the existing event. After changing the name, you will be asked to enter the new event’s title.

If you want to create a new event, you can use the “New Event” button on the page. Just enter the desired title. To change the date of your event, you can use the drop down boxes that are located at the bottom of the page. If you have more than one event, you can select the relevant box.

To change the date of all the events online, you can use the “Date” button. You can also select the date of the previous and the current events. And you can select the location for the events.

To enter the event organizer’s address, you can use the drop down boxes that are located on the left of each event. If you have multiple events, select the relevant one, and you will be presented with links to the organizer. These buttons allow you to enter a valid email id, your mailing address and also your name, which is how you can easily contact the organizer.