There’s no question that events mean big bucks (and big brand exposure) for businesses and nonprofits alike, but often how can you promote an event so effectively? That’s where event marketing tips come in. From guiding you through the planning process to the nuts and bolts of marketing and ticket sales to how to handle guest questions, this information will help you plan, execute, and evaluate your marketing strategy. Event marketing tips include: How to plan a successful event marketing campaign – What to put on your event signage, what to include in your event program, what to offer at your guest lists, and so much more. From the type of events you can throw to which ones you can sponsor, there are a lot of variables to consider before you can successfully plan an event marketing plan.

The right audience – If you’re throwing a corporate event or a party for your school’s students, you have a few different options. You could choose to target college students, middle-aged professionals with disposable income, or professionals who may not be so open to spending big bucks on a high-dollar occasion. You should build buzz by sending press releases and making it known via social media and other venues that your event is for the right audience, and then follow through with a low-key approach and keep the big bucks in your pocket.

The proper timing – In most cases, a large corporate event is going to draw in a lot of attendees, and you want to make sure you get your money’s worth from your advertising. A lot of the best event marketing tips are about finding the right time to host a big event. If your target audience is professionals, you don’t want to throw a large graduation ceremony the day after a big snowstorm! Find the perfect time to make your big event a draw by looking at the demographics of the crowd. For instance, if you’re trying to appeal to more mature and sophisticated attendees, you’ll want to keep the speakers very professional and informative, and not a bunch of party poppers who have a great deal of experience in high-profile parties.

Location – Another of the best event marketing tips around is to find the right venue. For many kinds of events, you’ll want to choose a venue that has plenty of amenities available for your guests, as well as plenty of space. Choose locations near transportation, such as the airport, to make sure your guests can easily access your event. The right venue can also make or break your reputation, so make sure you find one that aligns with your brand image.

Your content – If you want to get people to come and join your event, you need to engage them. One of the biggest event marketing tips out there is to make sure you’re hosting a visually stimulating and engaging event page on your website. Don’t put up just any old fancy web page, though. Instead, use your event page to engage people, to show them that you have a product that they want to know more about, to help them get more involved in your community, and to promote your brand.

Use Social Networks – Another of the best event marketing tips out there is to create an event page on several social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. You’ll want to create a page on each of these, as well as a blog on your own website. The key to making this successful is to post at least five informative articles a week, highlighting your products, services, and the speakers you’re inviting to your event. Attach a link back to your website so visitors can check out your offerings. Attendees will love the opportunity to stay connected to the people and things that matter most to them, and you’ll soon find your attendance numbers skyrocketing.

Email Blast Pre-Speech Newsletters – Finally, you may want to consider an email campaign to notify potential attendees of the speakers you’ve chosen and their presentations. An email blast, also called an email solicitation, is simply a newsletter containing news and information about the upcoming event. It’s sometimes used for more specific purposes, such as for announcing a conference date or sending out special deals. If you send an email solicitation to all of your attendees before the speech is given, you’ll not only be reaching a larger segment of your target audience, but you’ll also be sending a valuable promotional message to potential buyers that will help raise your event’s profile further.

Use Social Media – Finally, one of the best event marketing tips for maximizing your social media presence and reaching your audience is to use social media to interact with your attendees. For example, instead of just sending a simple tweet asking for attendees’ email addresses, you can follow up later with a brief post on Twitter or Facebook linking to your webpage and adding a quick note that says something like “We’ll be sending out the invitations to our June convention… Are you interested? Great! Do not hesitate to let us know what you’re planning to get out of it.” This not only lets you stay in touch with your audience, but it’s a great way to show them that you are attentive to their interests and that you want to help them.