We recently wrote an article on one of our sister sites about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how it affects event organizers around the world. We wanted to link to it here on this site and provide some snippets of information for our readers.

If you are not familiar with what the GDPR is here is a general overview:

If you’re curious how your own event could be impacted by this new legislation you need to read this post on our sister site as it explains everything that an event organizer needs to know.

If you are somewhat familiar to the GDPR already and you are using Event Registration Pro Calendar for WordPress for your event registrations and you want to know how you can be compliant with your GDPR efforts then here are some basic tips.

  • Email Marketing Lists: If you have an email marketing list and it does not comply with any of the legal premises for handling mentioned above, sending emails to that list will be in breach of GDPR as of May 25th, 2018. You may want to seek updated consent from data subjects ahead of the deadline if this is the case.
  • Event Registration Pro Calendar: Enable the setting to force registrants to accept your terms and conditions in order to register for your events. Input your entire privacy policy into the terms and conditions field or provide a brief overview with a link to the full policy. You may want to include a checkbox on your registration forms for acknowledging mailing list sign-ups just to ┬ábe sure.
  • Privacy policy updates: Make sure your privacy policy is up to date and includes all the listed items mentioned above in a very clear, open, and concise verbiage that is easy to understand.

Getting the above 3 things updated will keep you GDPR compliant for accepting event registrations and marketing to past, present, and future event registrants.

You can read the full and comprehensive article here: https://www.joomlashowroom.com/blog/how-do-european-gdpr-regulations-affect-event-organizers-around-the-world