If you think events at churches are a little boring, it is time to reconsider! There are a plethora of fun and entertaining things to do at a church that can really make the pastor happy.

One of the best ideas to help a church to make money is for people to attend the church’s home church service. They can dress in their Sunday best and bring their little ones so they too can get in on the excitement. Some churches even let them bring their own pets and their food and they can also choose which songs they want to hear.

You might be surprised at how many young kids are into the performances of youth leaders. The children enjoy watching these church kids perform!

People attending church can also choose to wear their clothing and shoes from the church’s dress code. They can bring their dogs, swimwear and even their blankets for a nice warm Sunday morning.

Many churches have events where the whole family can join in such as a church picnic. This is a great way to spend time with your family at the church.

Dancing is a very popular idea at church dances. One idea is to have the church to purchase their own dance floor and hire people to put on a beautiful dance routine for all to enjoy. It is a wonderful opportunity to teach the church members the steps to dancing and to enjoy yourself while doing it.

One idea that is quite popular is a church pageant. The two contenders that most people would vote for to win will be the “I Voted” winner and the “Church Mother” winner. It is a great way to have fun and show the people of God who the real favorites are!

Have the local group hold a dance. The venue can be a school or the local park or recreation facility. The kids can get a kick out of watching the adults walk up and down the line.

Volunteer your services to help the church. Help the youth group with their activities and make it a fun, special experience for everyone to enjoy.

Host some events that benefit the church and its events. This can be in the form of fundraisers for the church or a donation to the church itself.

It is a great way to bond with other members of the church. This can give you the opportunity to take your children along to sing, or have them help cook and clean up after the events.

These are just a few ideas to get your church off the ground. You can find a lot more great ideas from church magazines, church newsletters and other related sources.