Importance of Corporate Team Building and Event Ideas. Corporate team building and social work days are an integral part of any business s general well being. Taking a step away from the work and having your staff to interact in a fun and relaxed environment is fundamental for increased employee productivity and employee engagement. The advantages of these types of activities are numerous.

Event Ideas. The success of your conference or get together depends on what it is all about and what you can do to make it successful. The best idea of all when considering these types of activities is to get inspiration from your visitors. What activities did they enjoy and what would make them feel like coming back to your event?

Event Ideas for corporate team building and social activities include: scavenger hunts, trivia games, instant winners, funny or embarrassing contests, singing competitions, dance parties, video conferencing, movie nights, and more. Most activities will last between ten minutes and half an hour, but that may be enough time to grab attention and keep the attendees laughing, dancing, and participating. The more unique the event ideas are the better, since your guests will have a sense of participation once they start coming to the event.

Public Event Ideas. Corporate team building and social event ideas are just as much fun for businesses as they are for individuals. If you have a beloved charity that you want to promote, organize a fundraiser for it at the same time. If you want to attract people from a different career field, invite people who have something to share with the people in your industry on one side and share information about your company on the other.

Conference and Social Media. Companies use conference and social media to increase their reach and awareness of products, events, and discounts. If you’re considering a conference during the year, then plan it before you book the venue. If you want to host a slingo party, then you might consider using Twitter and Facebook to share details with your attendees and potential customers. This is a great way to collect valuable information about your potential customers, and it’s also a great way to engage with your attendees.

5 Minutes of Action. Once you’ve worked out a schedule and event idea, you should also have a short, five minutes action plan that you follow through with your attendees. A good action plan will give you a chance to introduce yourself to your audience, explain what you’re going to do in the five minutes, and provide some incentives for attendees to sign up or to buy your products or services.

5 Minutes of Introspection. A great moderator of a meeting or conference can make or break the entire experience for attendees. If you as the organizer of an event have not engaged your audience with compelling conference or meeting minutes before hand, then you might want to consider taking some time to sit down and write out what you did right and what you did wrong during the event. This will let people know what made you tick, and it will let people know why they should be excited to come to your next event.

5 Minutes of Polls. You might as well get started on your event idea early, if you expect to keep it moving toward a successful conclusion. A good moderator can lead several polls among attendees. These polls are designed to reveal which aspects of the event attendees really enjoyed and understood the most. The moderator can then encourage participants to share their personal experiences with the panelists and use the results of these polls to generate additional, more personalized content for future panels.