To save you and your company literally hundreds of hours of research, we’ve gathered together information on the best event registration software available. We’ve categorized the software according to price, function, style, features, recommendations, and overall effectiveness. This has made it very easy to quickly search and eliminate the dead horses from the drawing table. The Good Event Management Software Guide is also a free PDF download and best of all it is a very comprehensive guide to all event registration software out there.

It is not possible to list every single piece of software out there in our article, but the two best event registration tools listed here are the ClickBank and the ZenCart systems. Both provide solid, stable systems with simple interfaces that keep the organizers from being overwhelmed. If you aren’t familiar with the ClickBank platform, it is an online store where you can purchase products and services without a website. When using a ClickBank system, the attendees sign up below a sales sign-up page where they “pay” with a credit card.

ZenCart is another powerful event management tool that simplifies the whole registration process. It provides a very clean, organized look that makes it easier to track attendees. Registration forms are simple to use with smooth navigation, and a “Pay Now” button gives you instant access to your sales page, which you can modify with the date, name, and additional event details. While ZenCart lacks the visual appeal of some of the more advanced competitors, its straightforward design is a big plus. While it does not have as many functions as other systems, its simplicity is worth noting.

Facebook is the home of some of the most popular social networking sites, and is a great place for event planners to market events. Marketing your events with Facebook can lead to high registration numbers, but that is not the only advantage. In addition to marketing your event through Facebook, the social network can also be used to build your brand. Many of the best event registration software programs will integrate social media into their systems. By promoting your events on Facebook and connecting your customers with the page, you can help build their trust in your business and increase exposure at the same time.

Twitter is the latest microblogging sensation, and event organizers should take full advantage of this resource. It’s fast and easy to post updates, and allows users to interact with each other in real-time. Twitter may not be the best online event registration tools out there, but it can definitely be one of the most effective.

When planning your next conference or convention, the first thing you should consider is whether or not your attendees will have access to a dictionary. Most conferences and conventions feature a book when the event starts, but many of them don’t. If your attendees need a definition of something during the course of the event, then using a book when everyone is waiting will simply cause people to lose track of time.

A lot of people think that free conference registration software doesn’t work. The best tools for bookkeeping, however, are ones that incorporate the use of text messaging as well. Text messaging is very popular among small business owners, and it’s easy to see why. Not only does text messaging allow attendees to easily communicate with each other, but they can also keep track of their registration online while they are away from the site. A lot of the best conference registration software also includes an integrated texting service.

If you aren’t an accredited caterer or event planner, then free event registration software isn’t going to be of much help to you. Before you register your attendees, though, see what kind of event registration management service they offer. See if it streamlines the registration process and automatically sends confirmation emails to every attendee. If it doesn’t, then you need to find another company. There are plenty out there.