If you are thinking about doing public speaking, be prepared to be a little nervous. At times it can be difficult to maintain composure when you have something to say and the crowd is listening intently.

One of the most popular ways to deal with this problem is to wear a short-sleeved shirt that covers your breasts. That will keep your upper body exposed, which will help to offset some of the discomfort you may feel.

Learn how to use your new skill in a positive way. Sometimes the worst possible thing you can do is to appear nervous, or even afraid. By wearing a short-sleeved shirt you can effectively mask that emotion.

The biggest fear people have before starting public speaking is not that they will be embarrassed, but that they will appear stupid. These fears usually dissipate once you get into the flow of things and begin to share some interesting information.

Avoid making eye contact with the audience member you are addressing. Often they will let their eyes wander to the side. This is a sure way to get them to look at your chest.

The more you feel yourself getting comfortable in front of others, the more likely you are to break the flow of your entire presentation. It is critical that you keep your self-confidence up.

Also, don’t talk about a particular portion of your life if you are concerned that others will find out about it. Be thoughtful about what you tell people.

Have your audience laugh by telling a story from your life, or suggest something silly, but make sure that you have a good time at all times. It will be easier for you to stay relaxed and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Don’t expect to know what people want to talk about all of the time. You will be asked to speak about a wide variety of subjects, so you need to be able to match your speech to the topic.

Make sure that you look to the audience first for encouragement. If you get a nod or a smile from an audience member, chances are that you will also be feeling better.

Save the heckles for after the presentation is over. Most people are only comfortable with a little friendly ribbing.