You should not rest after your event is over because there are always few things that are left and should be polished up immediately after the event. It always gives someone a sigh of relief after seeing all the hard work that you put during your event has eventually been fruitful.
The most important aspect of measuring the result of your event is using the attendance of the attendees who had joined in your event. However, there are some few steps that you need to take after the event to ensure everything will be right.

Always make sure you follow up with your attendees

These are new members who attend to your event, and you should make a perfect opportunity of reaching to these people for the case of feedback and input. Also, make a step of reaching to these people through meeting their needs and wants so as to retain them for a longer period. Post event surveys are a great way to do this and to get honest feedback about their experience at your event.

Conduct a review report

After your event is over allow attendees to get back to their daily routine work and lives and highlight the important things that they learn during your event. You will be able to know the important things they learn through their feedback and engage your attendees after they get settled by reminding them how much value they were to your event. In your event mobile app, you can provide a reporting review of how the event was by having event attendees take a follow up a survey for they will multiply your event report. You can also give the surveys and live polling a chance to review your report.

Make use of social media

Due to amazing keynote speakers, you had during your event, capture some videos and pictures from your gallery and post them out on social media channel you used to conduct your event. By sharing this videos and pictures with your event attendees after the event is over, they will review and remember how an amazing your even was.
Also sharing links through social media of your next event you are preparing will give your event attendees a way to engage with others through talking the things they admire in your social media channel you used to like in Facebook event page group.

Follow-up your post-event contest

When the event will be over, gather up your attendees and encourage them to have a discussion of how the event was on your social media channel you used or via email. Let your attendees make this discussion effective by sharing the content information they gathered from your event to their social networks channel like Instagram or share the information with the insiders using your community event mobile app.

Post the event on your blog

After you finalized your event write a post-event blog and as you write value time for normally the appropriate time to post your blog and publish it is between a minimum of 48 hours for it to be effective. This time is appropriate because while writing the memories that happen in your event are still fresh and you can recall every detail and reiterate it in your blog. Posting a blog between 48 hours after the event, it keeps the event relevant to your attendees or to anyone who is searching the information and updates from social media.

In your blog avoid telling the whole story

While writing your post-event blog avoid recounting the event of the whole day on your blog. Avoid making your blog in a chronological way rather write a story that includes the interesting part of your event and also highlighting the most memorable quotes and inspirational speeches you received from your guest. Also, you can try writing in different format like using listicle as a form of writing for it will easily summarize the main points that happen in your event.

Ask attendees to blog about their experience

New event attendees that have blogs of their own would love to talk about their experience at your event. Asking your attendees to blog about what they learned, who they interacted with, and the story of their journey is a great way to get more exposure for your event. It is also a great way for you to collect more information on where you can improve for your next event. You can take a collection of each attendee’s blog post and write your own blog post with links to each story your event attendees have told in their own blog and include some quotes and snippets from their posts. This not only gives you more content for your own blog but it also shows appreciation for the posts your attendees have written.

Include the material and resources that were used in your event

After the event add the most important resources and material that was mentioned during your event in order to benefit your steering team and other attendees. Using slides, you can download the most important resources which will track down the online traffics and follow up your blog using the materials that were mentioned during your event. After downloading you can create a link where you will join the readers with these resources so as to reinforce what they learned during your event and add the materials that they missed.


While marketing your event make sure you capture the attention of your audience that was included in your event for they may go searching the information that was in the event while they settle down in their homes. After the event is over keep the buzz alive by captivating continuously in order to keep them alert for your next event. Also, remember to give thanks to your vendors and sponsors for were it not for them the event couldn`t be possible. You can send an appreciation letter or note that thanks them for their personal contribution in your event for you may also require their services during your next event you are planning. Also, remember to thank you all the volunteers and other service providers who contributed in a great way by making your event look fantastic.