Strategically speaking, the place where you advertise or promote your event is of utmost importance since it will have a direct effect on the number of people you target and how much interest you manage to implant. Here’s the 10 best places that you could target to promote your event:

1. Local public relations

Getting too focused on digital methods might get us to forget the good old and still the most reliable method of selling an event and that is by using our relations in the same field or other fields. Guide and direct your PR team to create awareness for your event through media alerts and event schedules in various business papers and newsletters. Do not underestimate the power of knowing people and connecting with them.

2. Use your own website

A captivating website is a vital component of event marketing. In reality, it should be the home basis for all correlated information. Whether you host it on your website or build something new, the goal is still the same. This should be where you’re pouring all your publicity work, so make sure your site includes all the necessary info to drive ticket acquisitions. This includes, but is not limited to, detailed agenda, speakers, hotel, and transport information and all other activities. Do not forget your social share buttons to help spread the event far and wide. If you already have a blog, put up a few posts to promote the event and if you are involved in, or joining other events during your promotion period, share information about your own event and inspire people to get involved. Allow for sneak peeks of the outline to help create a healthy interest. Make sure you have a help desk or chat with the interested people who contact your company.

If your website is built with the WordPress CMS, we recommend using the Event Registration Pro Calendar plugin to seamlessly add event registration capabilities and registration management to your website. There is also a Joomla CMS version that can be found here.

3. Email Marketing

Email promotion is a wonderful way to get attendees to sign for your event. McKinsey estimate that email is 40 times more effective at acquiring customers than Facebook and Twitter. Email marketing ideas plus tips about the event, and work with partners, and pre-event follow-ups on a regular basis. Send Emails with enticing subjects. Your own regular accounts is a good place to start sending those emails. Make sure your email has a banner added to link the account holder to event details. Curiosity will have people following the link to find out about the event and once there; lead your user to another link for a ticket and a share button!

4. Direct Mail

It might seem an old-fashioned way place to promote your event but think for an instance like any person. You find you have a beautiful, colorful, brochure or flyer right there on your desk or in your mail. You definitely get to read it and you suddenly have an interest in this event because the live presence of a flyer is a constant reminder of an event that has become of interest to you or to the people in your circle who might get a glimpse of the flyer. Another added incentive is a special offer or discount for the bearer of the flyer at the attendance at the event.

5. Social Media Sites

Make sure you set a specialized hashtag for your event for all the social media promotions, check first to ensure it is not already in use. Use captivating visuals, videos, and animations to draw attention to those tweets promoting the event. Be sure your posts are pinned as well. Use social media to highlight big announcements and generate interest surrounding the event, such as new speakers, updates to the agenda, special events and more. You should also take advantage of paid social sites to extend the reach and awareness of the event to the less available and special user.

6. The event itself

For as many people as you have to attend the event, you have just as many who very likely couldn’t make it but are still interested in what is happening, and it is important to keep them involved. If you engage them now, they will be more inclined to attend the next event. And, for that there are several ways for doing it; live streaming will stream the event and keep your audience with you throughout the event, they will connect with your company for the services they have seen advertised on the event. In fact, there are times the people watching from afar might become more interested; particularly if the content streamed had been interesting and catching. From this audience, you will find that you have a lot of potential clients.

7. Speakers and Sponsors

Your speakers and sponsors are excited to be a part of your event. Take advantage of the opportunity to have them also promote your event from their marketing channels such as newsletters and social media accounts. After all, they are the ones that will give a huge amount of authority to your event. Provide each speaker and sponsor their own unique discount code to offer their followers. This allows you to easily track which speakers and sponsors sent the most referrals and you could reward the highest amount of referrals with a small gift to show your appreciation.

8. Online Forums

Forums are a great place to promote your event to a targeted audience. Most forums are full of users with a specific interest and you can easily target them at no cost and a little investment of your time.

9. Event distribution websites

Using an event distribution service can be helpful for larger events. These services have a cost associated with them but if you’re looking to cast your net far and wide then this is a necessity. Examples of some event distribution services include and

10. The after event effects

You will think that the event is over, but your work is not done yet. You need to keep your event available as refreshed posts for interested clients and for the creation of new audience and traffic for your site. This is not just for the potential client but also for future events. For this purpose, make sure you use the photos, videos, testimonials, video testimonials from already engaged clients, and feedback will act as a promotional tool for you and consequently your upcoming events.