Recurring Events

Do you have regularly scheduled events, classes, or meetings? Save lots of time by scheduling your recurring events in advance. Make your events repeat daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, weekdays of the month, or only on selected dates.

Just install this add-on for Event Registration Pro Calendar and start creating classes, meetings, and conferences for months (or years) to come. This add-on makes it easy to put your events on auto pilot.

Try before you buy risk free with a 7 day free trial for all single site subscriptions.

Here’s a screenshot of a couple of the setting options for creating your repeating events.

Weekday Option

With this option in the example below your event will be repeated every 1st Monday of every month.

Daily Option

This option allows events to be repeated every X amount of days.

Dates Option

This option lets you repeat your events only on the specific selected dates that you select on a calendar.


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