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Create event ticket choices with pricing, descriptions, quantity limits, and publish dates for your events in Event Registration Pro Calendar.

Create both free and paid event tickets for your events.

Try before you buy risk free with a 7 day free trial for all single site subscriptions.

Flexible Settings

The Ticketing Add-On was built with flexibility in mind. The settings allow for a wide variation of currencies, decimal spaces, and decimal separators.


Event Ticket Manager

Create multiple ticket choices for each event on the fly when you create or edit an event.

After installing the Ticketing Add-On a new “Event Tickets” area will appear in the settings for each event where you can easily create your ticket choices. You can change the order of your tickets, give them descriptions, and limit the availability dates and quantity that can be sold.

event ticket manager Ticketing

Simple & Clean Presentation

The front end will display your event choices in an clean way that is very user friendly.

event ticket options Ticketing