Frequently Asked Questions2017-10-29T20:04:37-05:00
What are the minimum server requirements2018-03-28T09:42:06-05:00

To run our WordPress Plugins your host needs to support these bare minimum requirements:

  • PHP version 5.5 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater
  • HTTPS support

However we HIGHLY recommend the following be supported for better security and performance:

  • PHP 7.1 or greater
  • MySQL 5.6 or greater OR MariaDB 10.0 or greater
  • Nginx or Apache with mod_rewrite module
  • HTTPS support
License Renewal and Expiration2017-12-29T01:40:57-05:00

Add-Ons for Event Registration Pro Calendar are licensed for one year at a time.  After that you may renew your license to continue usage and access to updates and support.

What happens if a license is not renewed and allowed to expire?

  1. The Add-On will become disabled.
  2. Automatic security and feature updates will be discontinued.
  3. The download link in your profile will no longer be available.
  4. You will no longer have access to technical support for the item.

If I renew my license, do I need to also re-download the software and install it again?

No, the built-in automatic update system will take care of all of that for you.


Can licenses be renewed early or late?

Yes.  Renewing early will extend your license from its previous ending date.  Renewing late will give you one more year beginning from your point of renewal.


Are there lifetime licensing options?

Not at this time.

If I have Live and Testing servers, do I need to activate my license on both sites?

No, you should only activate your license on your Live site URL  You may still install your extension on your localhost server and use it without an active license.


Will my license renew itself automatically?

Yes, all subscriptions are set to automatically renew.

How will I know when the license subscription is renewed?

You will receive an email notifying you of the renewal.

What if I don’t want to renew?

Please contact us via a support ticket to end your subscription at any time.  This will NOT remove any support time you’ve already paid for, it will merely make it so you don’t automatically renew when your subscription time ends.

Terms and Conditions, License, and Refund Policy2017-12-29T01:15:46-05:00

You can read our terms, license, and refund policy here.

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