WordPress Event Payments

Accept WordPress Event Payments Easily

Offer multiple WordPress event payment options for your event registrants.

When accompanied with the event Ticketing add-on the payment gateway options For Event Registration Pro Calendar make it simple to get paid for your event registrations. Event Registration Pro Calendar allows you to offer your event registrants multiple options to make payment when signing up for your paid events.

Available Payment Gateway Options

Payment gateways are optional but if you need to sell event tickets you can accept WordPress event payments from your registrants. We are continually developing more payment options and our most popular ones are:

Payment Methods When Booking Events

Statistics show that when you offer multiple payment options to your event registrants it can increase sales by up to 30%. So it is important to select the right payment methods and offer a few of them.

When your event registrants visit your WordPress website and add an event to their cart they will be sent through a registration and checkout process to make their WordPress event payments. After filling out their event registration forms they will be able to select their WordPress event payments options. Once the registrant selects their preferred payment option they can proceed to the payment screen.

Post Event Registration Payment Success

Once the payment is successfully completed the registrant will be shown the thank you page and the custom event confirmation emails and invoice will be sent. This provides clear and concise confirmation that the payment transaction was successful and that the event registration is accepted.

Adding More Payment Gateways

One of the most common questions we receive is “Is there a payment plugin for X gateway?”.

Of course as time permits we will be adding more payment gateways to our list. Keep in mind it is impossible for us to offer every payment gateway due to development time, costs, and complexities with some payment gateways.

But we do have your back. If you need a specific payment gateway developed you can always contact us for a custom quote and we can develop it for you at a 50% discount off our normal hourly development rates.